For Sale

An original signed, unframed painting, shipped with care.

An oil painting of light purple lilacs in an antique Carlsbad sugar bowl.
$490 Lilacs in Sugar Bowl
An oil painting of an antique blue and gold vase casting shadows on a wall.
$415 Antique Blue and Gold Vase with Shadows
An oil painting of white, yellow and fuschia primroses in a glass vase.
$360 Spring Primroses in Glass Jar
An oil painting of a blue pottery vase and small white cup.
$360 Blue Pottery Vase with White Espresso Cup
A watercolor painting of daffodils in a mason jar.
$320 Daffodils in a Mason Jar
A monochromatic painting of a single yellow apple on a branch.
$360 Yellow Apple
An oil painting on panel of a fallen yellow apple branch.
$360 Groundfall
An oil on panel painting of a quince, a couple of apples and some small Seckel pears.
$415 Apples, Pears and Quince
A study of a fallen red apple branch.
$360 Red Apple
An oil painting on panel of a Winter Sweet Squash
$360 Winter Sweet Melon
$210 Bluebells in Antique Vase
Watercolor with Pen and Ink of  a small bouquet of Tulips, Narcissus Azaleas and Lilly of the Valley in a blue and white vase.
$210 Lilly of the Valley in Blue Vase
A closeup watercolor painting of a Fritillary butterfly taking nectar from a mauve Stokesia flower.
$250 Fritillary
A watercolor of a closeup view of Bunchberry on the forest floor.
$300 Bunchberry
A monochromatic oil painting of two daffodils
$360 Daffodils
An oil painting of a Redwing Blackbird
$250 Redwing Blackbird
A watercolor painting of a Chickadee
$250 Chickadee
A small abstract watercolor of greys, greens, blues and rose
$75 Snow Fields
An abstract seascape watercolor painting with greys, aqua and pale yellow.
$75 Beach
An abstract landscape watercolor painting with pale blues, dark browns and white. Suggestive of snow covered fields.
$75 Snowy Fields
An abstract watercolor painting suggesting a tree lined river in summer.
$75 Hazy Trees Along a River
An abstract watercolor painting suggesting gentle hills rising from a river. Bules and greens.
$75 The River Valley
An abstract watercolor of a bright sunrise.
$75 Sailors' Delight
$75 Grey Fields
An abstract watercolor suggesting summer fields and hills. Green and blue.
$75 Summer Fields
A watercolor of stars on a winter night. Deep blue-grey and white.
$75 Starry Winter Night
$75 Hazy Sunset
$75 Sunset
Sold Foothills
$75 Storm
An abstract watercolor suggesting fields in autumn
$75 Fall Fields
An abstract watercolor suggesting a dark bank reflected in water
$75 Lake Bank
$75 Mountain and Fields
$75 Lake by the Hills
$75 Golden Fields
$75 Ski Hill
$75 Jewel Bearch
$75 Distant Mountain and Fields
$75 Pink Fields and Pond
$75 Canyonland
$75 Crashing Waves
$75 Misty Field
$75 Green Field with Blue Trees
$75 Cyan Field
$75 Blue Island
$60 Coral Reef
$60 Dark Trees in a Light Sky
$60 Distant Hills
$60 High Plain
$60 At the Lake
$60 River Trees
$60 Snowy Ridge
$60 Storm Clouds at Sea
$60 Setting Sun
$60 Winter Stump
A painting of a towering cumulous cloud hanging over a river valley
320 Boundless Sky
The sun just breaking through clouds that cast shadows over a cranberry bog on the rocky shore.
320 Cloud Shadows
Semi-abstract oil painting of rolling clouds over a ploughed field and distant hills.
320 Spring Clouds Unfurling
A semi abstract oil painting of wispy clouds dancing across a river valley toward distant hills.
320 Dancing Clouds
An oil painting on paper of an inlet on the ocean. There are soft clouds in the sky reflecting a pink sunset
320 Evening Quiet
An oil painting of a summer day of fair-weather clouds and a sunny meadow.
320 Of Sunlit Meadows
Sunrise of pink and mauve behind islands and reflected in the water.
320 Island Daybreak
A farmhouse sitting at the back of a sunlit field of grain on sunny autumn day.
320 Island Farm
Rain is falling over the ocean, but the setting sun peeks through.
320 Seaward Storm
Sun breaking through clouds and shining on a distant shore and making the ocean sparkle.
320 Shimmering Sea
A beautiful summer day of cumulous clouds over still water and a village on a far shore.
320 Summer Skies
The sun has set casting a warm yellow and salmon glow on a clear sky and illuminating the rocks on an island.
320 Sunlit Cove
The sunsets with a salmon glow over a rock shelf and tidal pools.
320 Sunset Ebb and Flow
A sunset on a calm summer evening at the lake.
320 Sunset Shore
One cloud floating in a clear blue sky about a beach and distant shore.
320 That One Cloud
A summer day of hazy overcast with green fields and a tree line.
320 That Day We Saw a Hawk
After a storm a bright, clear, blue sky glows over waves crashing onto the beach.
320 The Roar of Waves
A blue mist rolling and revealing a distant shore.
320 Of the Mist
A coastline and islands draped in mist.
320 Veils of Mist
This is an oil painting on panel of a snow falling on a Beach tree in a mixed forest.
$415 First Snow
An abstract watercolor landscape of billowing clouds over a hill. A farm is perhaps tucked in, sheltered.
$320 Nestled
An abstract watercolor landscape of a rocky field of rich brown and sienna colors.
$320 Winter Field
An abstract watercolor painting, perhaps an icy pond with a lone skater approaching.
$320 Pond Skating
An abstract watercolor of an early spring hilltop field and lower marsh. Snow is melting..
$385 Snow Melt
An abstract watercolor landscape on a stormy day with sun breaking through on hills and stream.
$370 Spring Morning Haze
A Plein Air painting of a forest with new spring foliage. Distant hills are in the background and pink clouds are overhead.
$360 Spring Bush
A very bright oil painting of a blossoming apple orchard, overlooking distant hills.
$360 Fauve Spring Apple Orchard
This is a Plein Air oil painting using imagined color of a meadow of summer grasses and flowers in front of a near distant mountain.
$360 Toward the Hills
An abstract watercolor landscape of a bright yellow field in front of a pond with trees bathed in the setting sun behind.
$320 Maples in Bud
This Plein Air painting look from on-high over a river valley surrounded by fields toward distant mountains. The color is imagined.
$360 From the Summit
A Plein Air oil painting of trees reflected in a lake with white clouds overhead. The color is imagined.
$360 Reflections of a Summer Day
A semi-abstract  oil painting of tree reflections in a river.
$470 River Reflections
An oil painting of an old New England Farm.
$250 New England Farmstead
This is a Plein Air oil painting of summer fields reaching toward distant  trees and hills. A low barn is in the mid-ground. Soft billowing clouds are above. The color is imagined.
$360 Summer Fields
A Plein Air oil painting of a bay narrowing into a channel between two islands. The color is imagined.
$360 Toward the Narrows
A painting of a birch tree trunk with peeling bark.
$360 Birch Tree
An oil painting of a pink granite cliff.
$415 Granite Rock Face
An oil painting of a tobacco barn in early summer.
$580 Waiting for Tobacco
An autumn landscape of tobacco barn nestled into a valley.
$250 Fall Finery
A landscape oil painting of a couple walking on a cloudy autumn day.
$415 Autumn Stroll
An oil painting of the shores of a river with leaves turning to bright fall colors.
$415 Autumn River
Oil painting on panel of a windy day on the bay. Waves are washing against pink and grey granite rock. The view is toward a distant island with pines.
$415 Bay Wind
This is an oil painting with a view looking down toward an island peninsula covered with pine with a narrow bay that opens toward more distant islands.
$360 Through the Narrows
A small oil paint of a windy day at the seashore.
$250 See the Wind
This oil painting on panel depicts a soft pink and salmon twilight sunset reflected in a very calm ocean.
$415 Atlantic Sunset
This is an oil painting on linen of a view across a marsh, looking at distant hill with billowing clouds.
$415 Toward the Headland
An abstract watercolor landscape in tones of biege, sienna and grey.
$370 Sand Dunes
A Plein Air oil painting on linen at a windwept beach on a sunny fall day looking toward a small peninsula.
$360 Atlantic Beach
An oil painting of the seashore with storm clouds clearing.
$415 Storm Clearing
An oil painting of old weather-beaten outbuildings of a maritime farm.
$415 Maritime Homestead
An oil painting of a foggy day on the shores of the Bay of Fundy.
$360 Fundy Fog
An oil painting of a passageway into fields of a salt marsh.
$415 Sentinels of the Salt Marsh
An abstract watercolor landscape of rolling fog over a lake. The color is soft blues, greens and greys.
$370 Rolling Fog
An oil painting of a sunset over a line of distant islands.
$250 Island Sunset
An oil painting on paper of waves crashing on a cloudy day.
$250 Waves
An oil painting on paper of willows in early spring.
$230 Spring Willows
An oil painting on paper of a marsh and distant lake.
$250 Marshland
An oil painting on paper of a sunset behind a single tree
$250 Blue Sunset
An oil painting of a blustery day with storm clouds lifting.
$415 Wind
An oil painting of a ripening field in front of a tree line on a summer's day.
$360 One Summer Day
An oil painting of a wave breaking on a rocky shore. The sky is cloudy.
$725 Breaker
A small oil painting of distant shore on a hazy day. The ocean is sparkling.
$250 Sea Sparkle
A small oil painting of waves crashing on a blustery day.
$250 Waves Crashing
A small painting of fishing weirs on a foggy day
$250 Fishing Weirs on a Foggy Day
A small painting of clouds over a marsh with the sun breaking through.
$250 Sunbreak