A painting of a towering cumulous cloud hanging over a river valley
Boundless Sky
The sun just breaking through clouds that cast shadows over a cranberry bog on the rocky shore.
Cloud Shadows
Semi-abstract oil painting of rolling clouds over a ploughed field and distant hills.
Spring Clouds Unfurling
A semi abstract oil painting of wispy clouds dancing across a river valley toward distant hills.
Dancing Clouds
An oil painting on paper of an inlet on the ocean. There are soft clouds in the sky reflecting a pink sunset
Evening Quiet
An oil painting of a summer day of fair-weather clouds and a sunny meadow.
Of Sunlit Meadows
Sunrise of pink and mauve behind islands and reflected in the water.
Island Daybreak
A farmhouse sitting at the back of a sunlit field of grain on sunny autumn day.
Island Farm
Rain is falling over the ocean, but the setting sun peeks through.
Seaward Storm
Sun breaking through clouds and shining on a distant shore and making the ocean sparkle.
Shimmering Sea
A beautiful summer day of cumulous clouds over still water and a village on a far shore.
Summer Skies
The sun has set casting a warm yellow and salmon glow on a clear sky and illuminating the rocks on an island.
Sunlit Cove
The sunsets with a salmon glow over a rock shelf and tidal pools.
Sunset Ebb and Flow
A sunset on a calm summer evening at the lake.
Sunset Shore
One cloud floating in a clear blue sky about a beach and distant shore.
That One Cloud
A summer day of hazy overcast with green fields and a tree line.
That Day We Saw a Hawk
After a storm a bright, clear, blue sky glows over waves crashing onto the beach.
The Roar of Waves
A blue mist rolling and revealing a distant shore.
Of the Mist
A coastline and islands draped in mist.
Veils of Mist